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Zygo/Chirstmas Cactus

Temperature:  55-95 degrees Fahrenheit, Oct-Dec 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit

You are invited to a Christmas party and want to bring the host/hostess something but not sure what.  Everyone brings chocolate, wine can get expensive and both will be gone the next day leaving you with nothing but a couple extra pounds.   I have a perfect solution…keep reading.

The Zygo Cactus is most commonly called the Christmas Cactus and is THE PERFECT holiday gift.  Not only is it a beautiful flowering plant that blooms in shades of pink, red and white, it blooms in winter at Christmas time.  When all the spring and summer flowers have died and all you want is a little color in your life, this plant produces hundreds of flowers when you need them most.  This plant is also known for its life span.  The Christmas Cactus that you gave to the hostess for last years holiday party will have it out for next years party and if cared for properly her children can have it out for their holiday parties. 

This is not a hard plant to grow but during fall time, right before it is about to bloom, you need to put your Christmas Cactus on a strict schedule. Like so many other plants keep in it in a pot that has drainage and do not let the soil dry out, keep the soil evenly moist.  In the middle of October when they are getting ready to bloom these plants need complete darkness a couple hours a day, so take your plant to bed with you and during the day give them some indirect bright light.  After blooming season pruning your plant will encourage the plant to branch out and get ready for blooming season next year.

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