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Aphelandra Squarrosa


Common Name:  Zebra Plant


Temperature:  65-95 degrees Fahrenheit


The Zebra Plant gets its name because the leaves resemble the strips on a Zebra.  The leaves are green with thick bright white strips all over them.  When in bloom, normally in the fall, it produces exotic looking yellow flowers.  The flowers grow in clusters on a spike that can be 8 inches tall and last up to six weeks.


The Zebra is a tropical plant that comes from Brazil.   It does best in bright indirect light and enjoys warm temperatures with high humidity.  Here is a good tip when growing tropical plants…put some pebbles or marbles in the saucer under the pot, it can help produce some humidity to the plant.


Water your Zebra plant about once a week with luke warm water. Your plant will really love you if you give the leaves a good mist every once in a while. And remove flower spike after flower has died.

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