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Zamia Palm

Zamia Palm 


Other Common names:  Cardboard Palm


Temperature:  50-80 degrees Fahrenheit


The Zamia Palm is a tropical feeling plant that will act as a natural humidifier and detoxifier by removing Carbon Monoxide and replacing the air with fresh Oxygen, making the Zamia Palm a great addition to any home or office.  Although the Zamia is not related to the palm family but instead to the cycad family, it gets its name from the leaves that are as strong as cardboard and it does resemble the looks of a palm tree.  It grows low to the ground and the leaves are thick and dark green.


The Zamia will grow two to five feet in height and spread to be about five to eight feet.  It is a slow growing plant, but under the right conditions will make a tropical landscape to any yard.  Your free plant will be very easy to grow.  It will be happy in full sun or in partial shade.  Zamia plants will also tolerate many different types of soils.  They do not require much water, since they are drought tolerant…do not over water this plant. Fertilize your free plant twice a year, once in early spring and again in late fall with a light dose of palm food.


Zamia is tough enough to survive occasional neglect, also making it an easy indoor plant.  It can be moved indoor and outdoors as needed.  The Zamia Palm tree is beautiful when planted in a big pot and used for decoration in your home.


All parts of this plant are poisonous so keep out of reach from the children and animals.

You will have no problem finding that special spot for this distinctive looking plant.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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