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Yucca Palm



Other Common Names:  Spanish Dagger

Temperature:  35-100 degrees Fahrenheit


The Yucca is a desert plant, which means if you live anywhere where it is hot and sunny this is a great plant for you.  Yuccas are very hardy when it comes to hot temperatures but this plant will freeze, a good solution is to bring the plant indoors during the winter season.  Only water your free plant when the soil is completely dry, a well drained soil in necessary.  You may use a slow release fertilizer if you feel your plant needs an extra boost.


Yuccas grow to be 16 feet tall, and their grayish-brown trunks can be six to twelve inches in diameter.  The leaves are green in color and range from two to four feet long and one to two inches wide.  Yuccas produce a cluster of purplish white bell shaped flowers that bloom in the spring time.  These flowers are sometimes use in many different recipes and are sometimes used as home remedies to treat a wide variety of conditions to help with pain and inflammation.   


Yucca plant care and pruning is very simple.  Just tidy up your plant by removing dead or discolored leaves, remember to wear protective gloves, Yuccas do have sharp foliage.


Five Yucca Facts you may not know…

  1. Yucca plants have their own moth…the Yucca month is the only way to pollinate other Yucca plants. 

  2. Yucca wood has the lowest ignition temperature of any other wood, which makes it very useful as a fire-starter.

  3.   Yucca is also known as the “Lamparas de Dios” which translates to “Lamps of the Lord”

  4. The Yucca flower is the state flower of New Mexico

  5. Some people eat the roots of Yucca Plants


Not matter what your Yuccas will be used for I know you are going to enjoy your Free Plant!

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