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White Birch Tree

White Birch Tree #32


Temperature:  30-80 degrees Fahrenheit


The White Birch Tree is a great tree because it is just as beautiful in the winter when all the leaves are off as it is in the spring or summer.  The bark of the tree is completely white; making it look like it has snow all over it.  During spring the Birch Tree produces deep green leaves are a spade shape and you will love they way the leaves blow in the wind, it will make you feel relaxed and make your day a little more peaceful. 


 Not only is the White Birch Tree great for its looks it has many different purposes…just like me!  The bark of the tree is used in a lot of furniture and cabinets.  Indians used the bark of this tree to make shelter and also was used to make their canoes.


The White Birch Tree is a small to medium size tree that can grow up to forty feet tall.  Your free plant enjoys the sun and likes cool moist soil.  Water thoroughly once a week.


When pruning the White Birch Tree there is one important rule.  Only trim your Birch Tree in the hottest months.  This tree does produce a lot of sap and will “bleed to death” if it is not warm enough outside for the sap to dry before losing to much of it.  This is also important to seal off the tree from insects and disease. 


History 101….the White Birch Tree is considered the national tree of Russia because it was once worshipped as a goddess.  It is also the state tree of New Hampshire.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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