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Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow


Temperature:  30-100 degrees Fahrenheit


The Weeping Willow Tree get its names from the looks of the tree that has sweeping low branches that when it rains the drops of water falling off the branches onto the ground gives the appearance like the tree is crying.  That is why you will see many cemeteries have these trees around.  How depressing…lets get to the happy side of the Weeping Willow.


The Weeping Willow is one of the fastest growing trees; it is known to grow up to ten feet a year and can keep growing until it reaches forty feet tall.  That is amazing.  Your free plant is very adaptable to all different kinds of growing conditions.  The Weeping Willow is not picky when it comes to soil, it does do best in moist soil but will tolerate some droughtness from time to time.  Weeping Willows need full sun and will grow best if planted around ponds, streams and lakes any kind of standing water your tree will love.  If you do not have a lake in your backyard no worries just keep your Weeping Willow watered and do not let it dry out in-between waterings.


The Weeping Willow reminds me of a falling canopy; it provides great shade to any yard.  The leaves are long and thin and depending on the season are on light yellow green to a dark green almost blue color.   This tree is one of the first to bloom before other plants and one of the last to lose its leaves in the fall.


Ready for a history lesson?  During Napoleon’s exile on the Island of St. Helena the shade from a Weeping Willow gave him comfort and he fell in love with the tree.  When he pasted away he was buried under the same Weeping Willow Tree.


I think you will find this fast growing tree a great addition to yout yard just make sure you have enough room for it to grow and start enjoying your free plant now!

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