Temperature:  60-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Two things come to mind when I think about violets…Grandmas and Relaxation.  Who did not have a Grandmother who did not have a violet somewhere in here house.  The smell of violets can be very relaxing, most candles are violet sent and in some studies the smell of violets are proven to relax and calm the mind.  Some say Violets can be addicting so be careful the one Violet plant that you put in your bathroom can very easily multiplied and before you know it there will be one in the living room, kitchen and your bedroom. 


Violets like a lot if bright light but not hot direct sun, even your house lights will be great light for your free plant.  If your Violet is not blooming, it is probably not getting enough light.  There is one trick when watering your Violet…do not let the water get on the leaves or petals, only water the soil.  Keep the soil moist at all times.  Miracle Grow works great as a fertilizer for Violets.  You might see more blooms if you fertilize often. 

Pruning Violets are easy…if there is a part of your plant that does not look good cut it off.  Other than that, no other pruning is necessary.  


I have come to the conclusion that these plants are addictive.  The Violet is the number one selling house plant on the market.  And the Violet is the state flower for Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island.  Give me a break out of all the flowers to choose from they all have to choose the same one?  I think I found out why…the Ancient Greeks used to make love potions out of the petals of the Violets and maybe people still do and that is why everyone loves the Violet plant.  Today the plant still symbolized fertility and love.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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