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Tulips #97


Temperature:  40-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Tulips are among the simplest plants to care for.  They do not need much water or even any feedings.  So dig your hole, place the bulb in and you are ready to enter the magic of having your own Tulip garden. 


Tulips require a period of cold before they start to grow, so this means you must plant your Tulip before freezing weather.  Then your display of Tulips will come in the perfect time for spring.  Plant the bulb of your Tulip six to eight inches deep in the soil and five to six inches apart from each other.  Water so the soil is moist.  But once your free plant is in bloom stop the watering all together, do not water Tulips during the hot summer months.  They are genetically used to hot, dry summers and cool wet springs.  Fertilize your Tulip twice a year, once in the early spring, before they bloom, and once right after they are done blooming, ask your local gardening center which fertilizer will work best in your area.  Cut your Tulip stems when the first petals begin to drop off.  Do not let fallen petals stay in your flower beds. 


Watch out for animals, such as rabbits and squirrels, they will destroy your Tulips.  Also insects can become a big problem as well.  To prevent these pesky pets from enjoying their breakfast on your expense you can sprinkle blood meal or a grub insecticide on the top of the soil.


Holland is the main producer of commercially sold plants, selling as many as three billion Tulip bulbs annually.  I’m not sure if you will have this many Tulips but you never know.  Tulips are one of my favorite fresh cut flowers.  I love to get them in bouquets that have nothing else but different colored Tulips, they are very expensive from the florist, so what a great alternative to get them out of your own garden.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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