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Tomato Vine

Temperature:  55-90 degrees Fahrenheit

Is the Tomato a vegetable or a fruit?  If you guessed a veggie you are wrong.  If you guessed fruit you are wrong.  I have no idea, as long as it taste good who really cares right?  Well I guess the Supreme Court cares because in 1983 it ruled that the Tomato must be considered a vegetable.  But all the growers say botanically it is a fruit.  This is making my head hurt so we are just going to get on with it.  The Tomato is the most popular fruit and over half of the Tomatoes are grown in California.  The Tomato plant is also very popular to the home gardeners that plant vegetable gardens due to the fact that this plant can grow almost anywhere.

Once you plant your Tomato plant it will take about 55-85 days to produce Tomatoes.  Plant it in direct sunlight, the plant does best in 6-10 hours of sunlight a day.  Do not let it dry out in-between waterings, keep the soil moist.  Your Tomato plant likes it hot; it can not tolerate freezing temperatures.  The Tomato plant will die if exposed to frost.  Fertilize your Tomato plant on a regular basis; every other week would be perfect.  Ask your local garden store what fertilizer would work best for you in your area.  Just keep an eye out for dead or discolored leaves and remove them as well as any dead tomatoes.

You will know when your Tomatoes are ready for picking when they are a deep red color.  They should come off the vine easily.  If your tomatoes need some more ripening after they are off the vine keep them inside next to a warm sunny window and they will continue to ripen.  Store your ripen Tomatoes in a cool dry location, do not store them in your refrigerator, they will lose their flavor and texture. 

There are so many ways to enjoy your Free Plant…my favorite is homemade salsa.  The recipes are endless when using your tomatoes grown right in your own backyard.

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