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Tillandsia Bromeliad

Tillandsia Bromeliad


Temperature:  30-100 degrees Fahrenheit


Tillandsia’s are the coolest plants out there.  They are considered “Air Plants” what this means is that all it need to live is air.  Tillandsias get the prize for being number one when it comes to the easiest plant to care for. 


Care instructions:  Mist with water every couple of days.


What else do I write about????  Seriously Tillandsia’s have the ability to survive without soil, roots or water.  If they are placed where they will receive bright filtered sunlight and normal room temperatures Tillandsias will survive. 


Tillandsias are found clinging to rocks and trees where they rely upon rain water and dust to supply all the moisture and nutrients they need.  Perfect because I hate to dust, they will get plenty of nutrients at my house. Tillandsias can survive where no other plant can.


Tillansia blooms come in a verity of many bright colors which can last up to one year. 

These plants are great to add a little color to anywhere in your home.  They grow great when mounted on wood or other background that can use a little decorating.  Or add some bright color to your yard by sticking them on a tree or your fence.  People also use these plants in a lot of crafts.  If you want you can always do the normal thing and plant them in a pot or in the ground but why do that when you don’t have too.  This plant is amazing!


If you can not remember your one care instruction…to mist your Tillandsia…You can immerse the entire plant in room temperature water for about half an hour every ten days.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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