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Sweet Pea Shrub

(Polygala Myrtifolia)


Temperature:  50-75 degrees Fahrenheit


One of my favorite fragrances is Sweet Pea.  When buying lotions and body sprays Sweet Pea is one of the most popular scents.  This is where the plant gets its name is from the sweet fragrance that the flower releases.  There are many elements that contribute to the fragrance of the Sweet Pea…rain, high temperatures, the time of day and the age of the flower all have something to do with the way your Sweet Pea will smell.  


Sweet Peas come in colors ranging from red, pink, blue, white and lavender.  In recent years New Zealand has developed new colors and patterns to the flowers, many with strips of multiple colors. Not only is the Sweet Pea beautiful and great smelling, they have a wide verity of uses. They make a great climbing plant that can grow up to be nine feet tall.  They are very suitable for baskets, tubs and spillover planting.  They also make great cut flowers because they are long lasting, you will defiantly enjoy them in a vase on your dinning room table.


Plant your Sweet Peas in well drained soil and always keep the soil moist.  Water your free plant early in the day so the leaves will be dry by night time. They will do best in full sun, and if keeping them inside, place them next to a window where they can get plenty of light.  If you would like to fertilize your Sweet Pea, do so sparely, over fertilization will help the leaves become a dark green color, but you will receive fewer flowers.


The Sweet Pea gives off a cottage feel to any garden or home, and doesn’t just look beautiful but also smells wonderful.


Enjoy your Free Plant!    

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