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Temperature:  Keep above 45 degrees Fahrenheit

What is a Gasteria Little Warty?  They are a type of succulent plant with thick fleshy water storage organs.  This means the leaves of the plant hold water inside them which is why these plants have very low water needs which is great for the environment.  There are many different varieties of Succulent and all of them are beautiful but the Gasteria "Little Warty" has a fun look to it, unlike any other succulent!

Gasteria's are nearly indestructible, a great plant for first time plant owners and owners that are not home very often.  They require minimal care.  In the summer water once a week and in the winter water once a month.  It’s that easy!  They are known to take care of themselves.  They like to dry out in between waterings and love bright light.  If you plant becomes spotted, indented or the tips become brown the plant is receiving to much direct light.  If it is not receiving enough light the plant will turn pale. 

.  They will add character to any yard and bring you saving on your next water bill. This is a great way to help the environment as well as your pocket book.

The rule of thumb with these plants is it is better to underwater than over water.  These plants like to stay dry.

Enjoy Your Free Plant!

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