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Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine


Temperature:  40-90 degrees Fahrenheit


When living in southern California you don’t wake up to see your yard covered in white snow very often…or never.  So that is why I planted Star Jasmine in my backyard.  My flower beds are covered with white flowers.  When in bloom, I look out my bedroom window and I have to take a second look…it that snow in my yard?  No it’s just the beautiful Star Jasmine that has so many blooms of white flowers that it looks like snow covered my plants.


Star Jasmines make a great groundcover.  It can grow to be about eight inches high.  The groundcover provides evergreen leaves along with wonderful little white flowers shaped like a star, which will bloom from late winter to early spring.  Star Jasmines are a great choice to cover those bare spots of dirt, not only will it provide beauty to your yard but also stop the weeds from growing.


Remember last summer when you said you were going to paint that old fence?  I’m guessing it might not get done this summer either.  Star Jasmines can also grow upwards, making it a great vine to plant to cover that unsightly fence or wall.  Your free plant will also add some privacy to your yard. 


Star Jasmine will grow in the shade or sun, it is sensitive to frost, and it will need protection from the cold winter wind.  Also make sure it is planted in well drained soil, water thoroughly do not let the soil dry out in between waterings.  Cut back on the water during the cold months.  


I almost forgot to tell you about the incredible scent the Star Jasmine flowers produces.  It is the perfect vine to place near a doorway or path, when your guest walks by them; they will appreciate the Star Jasmines wonderful fragrance.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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