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Spider Plant

Spider Plant 


Other Common Name:  Airplane Plant


Temperature:  50-80 degrees Fahrenheit


The Spider Plant is so simple that anyone can follow these directions….


Light- Spider Plants will grow in most locations, but will grow best if kept near a window, one that will not provide direct sunlight.


Water- Keep the soil moist, in a well drained type of soil.


Fertilizer- Feed your Spider plant once a month, ask your local gardening center which fertilizer will work best in your area.


Pruning- Remove leafs that are completely brown.


Now if for some reason you were unable to keep your free plant healthy from the directions above here are some tips on how to save your Spider Plant….


-If your plant looks floppy and dull it probably needs more fertilizer.

-If your Spider Plant is leaning to one side it is growing out of its pot and needs to be repotted.

-If the center of your Spider plant is rotting, it is a sign of over watering, cut back on the water.

-The leaves of your Spider Plant are soft and almost transparent, they are being kept in too cold of temperatures, place them next to a warm window for a couple of days and more than likely they will survive.

-If the leaves are turning brown your Spider Plant it too dry or receiving too much sunlight, water more frequently and move where the sun is not shinning directly on it.

-If the leaves are growing weak and lanky and loosing their color, your Spider Plant is too hot and dry.  Water more and keep in a cooler place.


Hopefully this will help you and your Spider Plant out.  It is a really great houseplant which does not require a lot of attention and can be an excellent plant teacher if you are not the best plant owner.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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