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Salvia Leucantha Santa Barbara

Temperature:  30-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Lovely violet flower spikes adorn this upright shrub nearly year round; cut back annually in late winter to maintain upright form; very fast growing and vigorous; excellent cut or dried flower for arrangements.

Salvia Leucantha Santa Barbara  has masses of beautiful spikes of violet flowers rising above the foliage from late winter to late fall, which are most effective when planted in groupings. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It has grayish green foliage with white undersides. The fragrant narrow leaves remain grayish green throughout the winter.


Salvia Leucantha Santa Barbara love FULL SUB but will also tolerate some partial shade daily.

Plant your Salvia Leucantha in well-drained soil

Keep your Free Plant soil moist 

Salvia Leucantha Santa Barbara do not require fertilizing.


Enjoy your Free Plant!


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