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Sago Palm

Sago Palm 


Temperature:  35-95 degrees Fahrenheit


The Sago Palm is one of the oldest types of plants that exist.  Some people say they were around during the dinosaur age.   Maybe it has been around so long because it takes a long time to grow, and it is a very long lived plant that will out live you more than likely.


I am going to give you the negative of this plant first.  I think most people like to hear the bad new and save the good news for last.  The Sago Palm isn’t actually a palm but instead a cycad.  At the end of every leaf are sharp pointy thorn like things.  (Sorry not the best description)  So watch out when planting the Sago Palm make sure it is not near a walkway or somewhere that people can get cut by them.  Also the Sago Palm is a poisonous plant that can be very harmful to animals and humans.  In fact one skin breaking scrape from the Sago Palm can lead to a trip to the hospital.  So take some time when finding a place to plant your Sago. 


So you are probably thinking why in the world would I plant a Sago Palm?  Sago Palms are the most sold of all cycads in the world.  They are beautiful and if you are going for the tropical look the Sago Palm is perfect.  Your free plant will be super easy to grow and any inexperienced gardener can manage to care for this plant.  The Sago Palm can tolerate a variety of temperature and a verity of sunlight.  It does like to be planted near some kind of light, you will notice if only part of the Sago Palm is in the light it might start to lean towards the light, so plant it where the whole palm is evenly in the sun. When watering the Sago Palm allow the soil to dry out in between waterings.  It told you this plant is very easy to grow.


The Sago Palm is a slow growing plant that can reach up to 15 feet tall but it can take fifty years for the plant to achieve its full height.  The trunk of the Sago Palm is one to two feet around and the leaves can be a light to dark green in color, just be very careful of those spikes. After you find the perfect spot for this plant it will create a tropical effect for you right away.  Enjoy your Free Plant.

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