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Temperature:  30-85 degrees Fahrenheit


 Privet is the most durable and versatile shrub out there.  They are used it make walls, barriers and fences.  Privets can grow to be fifteen feet tall.  One thing that is nice these plants can tolerate some pretty cold temperatures.  If the temperature drops below fifteen your leaves might freeze and you will have to wait until spring until they will recover. 


Privets grow best in partial shade to full sun and require moist soil that drains well.  When you first plant your Privet always keep the soil wet, when it is established they are pretty tough plants and will go with the flow.  From April to June your free plant will bloom with many small, white fragrant flowers that will give your Privet a whole new look to them. 


Do not be afraid to prune your Privet.  In fact your hedges will fill in better and grow faster if they are pruned frequently.  You can prune them any way you would like…make arches over your walkway, create your own maze in the backyard or if you don’t like your neighbors you can create a tall hedge that will not only provide privacy but also be somewhat of a sound barrier.  Besides pruning the Privet, it is so easy to care for.  There are so many practical functions for this plant; you will not have a problem deciding what to do with it.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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