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Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Punica Granatum Nana


Temperature:  68-86 degrees Fahrenheit


The Pomegranate Plant is best known for the awesome fruit that is grown from it.  I am sure you have heard of a pomegranate fruit before, but sometimes they can be hard to find in the stores so here is the perfect chance to grow your own.


This is an easy plant to care for and known as a long lived plant.  It can grow up to 25 feet and does best in sunny areas.  Make sure the soil can drain easily. Water about once a week, making sure the soil does not dry out completely.  You will be able to tell if you are not giving it enough water if the leaves are turning brown.   If the plant likes its surroundings the leaves will be small, oval and bright green in color.  The tips of the leaves have little spikes all over them to protect its fruits from their predators.  The plant will have red and orange single flowers then the colorful fruit will follow after the bloom.


The botanical name for the Pomegranate is ‘Punica Granatum’ which means seeded apple.  The Pomegranate is known as one of the best fruits available for fighting off illnesses because it has very high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  I found a lot of interesting facts about this fruit but who knows if they are true or not…the story is that the juice from the pomegranate will paralyze tape worms…Gross!!!  I suggest going to the doctor, but who knows maybe it’s true.  I do know from personal experience (nothing about tape worms)  that once you cut your fruit off the tree let it sit in the kitchen for a day or so, storing the fruit while its off the tree makes it more flavorful.


Enjoy your Pomegranates.

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