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Plum Tree

Plum Tree


Temperature:  50-100 degrees Fahrenheit


If you are looking for tree that will add beauty to your yard and some fruit as well…I have found the tree for you.  A Plum Tree does not just offer delicious fruit but also will give you beautiful flowers. 


When you are ready to plant your Plum Tree find a spot that has plenty of room for it to grow.  Plum Trees grow ten to twenty feet tall.  They do best in full sun and prefer a moist well drained soil.  While your free plant is growing make sure you give it plenty of water, do not let the soil dry out in between waterings. 


You will have to wait a couple of years before your Plum Tree will bear fruit.  But once the fruit production begins watch out because you will not be able to keep up with all the fruit.  Plum Trees produce so much fruit that you might have to prop up the branches so they will not break.  Thank goodness that there are so many different uses for your Plums, because you will have a ton if them.  Make a homemade plum pie, or even better homemade jam!  Or a great investment would be to buy a juicer, make your own Plum juice or even better than all of them, try experimenting with your own Wine…maybe you will have your own wine label one day.  If so you better send me a bottle!


Your Plums will be ripe from August to October.  The only problem you may encounter with your Plum Tree is that you are not the only person who enjoys the Plums.  Birds love to fly around trying to find plums that could be used for our wine making.  Pick your plums before they are ripe and place them in by a warm sunny window and they will ripen all the way.  If the bird becomes a huge problem try tying Mylar to the tree just before the fruit ripens this will keep them away.  When pruning your tree, (make sure you do your pruning before your wine tasting) try to shape the tree like a bowl, taking the center branches out.  This provides more light for sweater tasting fruit and will make it easier to pick.



Enjoy your Free Plant or even better enjoy your plum wine!

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