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Pink Jasmine

Temperature:  35-95 degrees Fahrenheit

I can spend hours in the air freshener aisle at the grocery store.  So many smells to choose from…lavender, tropical or fresh rain?  I have found a solution!  Pink Jasmines smell absolutely amazing!  It’s a fresh, sweet spring smell.  Way better than any air freshener you will be able to find.

Other than the flowers smelling amazing, they are also very beautiful…you probably guessed it they are pink!  The pink Jasmine plant grows as a vine.  The vine grows very fast and will do best if it has something to climb on, like a fence or a wall.

Pink Jasmines are very easy to grow.  They love the heat and love the water too.  So make sure you water often in the growing season and be sure not to let the soil dry out.  A basic fertilizer before spring will give them a little extra boost.  The Pink Jasmine will freeze so keep an eye out for those cold temperatures.  If it gets too cold outside the Pink Jasmine can grow as a topiary inside as long as it is kept next to a very bright window.

Your free plant will stay green all year long and the pruning is very simple.  Trim back every few years just to clean out the old growth and your Pink Jasmine will stay perfect.  These plants grow back very fast so don’t worry about giving it the trim it needs.

I hope you take my advice and do away with all your air fresheners and plant a Pink Jasmine.  Just two flowers cut off your vine and placed indoors will make your whole house smell wonderful, way better than any air fresheners. 


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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