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Temperature:  65-85 degrees Fahrenheit


Pineapple plant is the world most unique and exotic fruit producing plants.  Although it takes about two years to produce pineapples from a home grown Pineapple plant, it is one of the greatest experiences when is come to gardening.  It is a long process but every step is very exciting, and the final product is as delicious as it gets!


The Pineapple plant is a tropical plant so if you are not lucky enough to live in Hawaii your outdoor temps might not be good for your free plant, frost and freezing temperatures will kill your Pineapple plant.  During the summer months set your plant on a sunny porch and during the cold months keep you plant indoors.


Your Pineapple plant is a little picky when it comes to watering.  Water once a week, it does not like sit in wet soil, so don’t water too heavy, but at the same time do not let the soil dry out between waterings.   Like most tropical plants your free plant will appreciate a good mist of water on the leaves in addition to your regular watering.  Feed your Pineapple every other month with a liquid fertilizer, make sure you only pour the solution on the outer side of the soil; you might damage the young leaves if it gets on the plant itself.


Your Pineapple plant is not only very attractive but most people grow them for the fruit it produces.  After your plant reaches twenty inches tall a bud will appear in the center of the leaves, then you have to wait another two to three months and a bright red cone will emerge.  Later blue flowers will begin to bloom in rows from the bottom to the top, when the flowers begin to wilt that means your fruit is beginning to develop.  When your fruit is six months old the cone will change from red to a golden yellow color, this means your Pineapple is sweet and ready to be picked. Ripe Pineapples should weight two to four pounds. 


I do not recommend eating the whole pineapple in one day, even though you will want to.  Take it from me; the person who did eat it in one day…ouch!  I cut up my Pineapple up and was enjoying it so much that before I knew it was gone.  The acid from the fruit cut up my mouth, it was horrible.  Remember there are many other ways to enjoy your fruit…including Pineapple upside cake!


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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