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Temperature:  55-75 degrees Fahrenheit


The Philodendron is among the best house plant in N.A.S.A. tests for removing toxins from the air.  They are one of the most popular houseplant of all times going back to the Victorian times.  The Philodendron produces dark green leaves that are heart shaped.  Some of the leaves undersides can be a copper red color.      


Philodendrons are fairly easy to grow.  They key is to provide your free plant with plenty of warmth, bright light and moister…how can you provide all of these?  Keep the Philodendron indoors next to a bright window where it will receive warmth but not direct sunlight as they will burn.  Philodendrons require less light than most plants.  Water your plant often.  Do not let the soil dry out; it needs to be moist at all times.  Make sure it is kept in a pot that lets the soil drain. 


Philodendrons have a good supply of roots and will benefit from weekly applications of a diluted liquid fertilizer.  You will see roots as they do surface and look like big pieces of rope.  If you need to prune your Philodendron you can cut away roots as they tend to grow rapidly but these plants do best when their roots are slightly cramped. 


Once your Philodendron starts growing it will continue to keep on growing they are generally vigorous growers.  You will have some dusting to do.  The leaves tend to store dust on them so wipe the leaves clean with water or a water and weak soap combination.


This great houseplant will add tons of character to your home and will not require much attention from you. 


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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