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Phalaenopis Orchid

Orchid Phalaenopsis


Other Common Names:  Moth Orchid


Temperature:  55-80 degrees Fahrenheit


When flipping through any home decorating magazine you will always see an Orchid sitting on a coffee table or somewhere in the bedroom.  These are great decorating plants.  There are many different types of Orchids but the Phalaenopsis is the easiest one out of all the Orchid family to care for.  They prefer a spot by a bright window but avoid direct sunlight as the petals can burn.  They like regular room temperatures from 70-86 degrees.  Water about once a week.  A little tip, if your Orchid doesn’t look super happy, let it join you for a quick shower…orchids love high humidity, so place it in the bathroom while you take a shower every now and then.


The Phalaenopsis Orchid is also called the Moth Orchid, the flowers resemble the shape of a moth or butterfly.  The colors come in all different shades of pinks, lavender, yellow and white.  They can be solid colors, striped or spotted.  They bloom late winter early spring and the bloom can last up to 3 months.


This flower is gorgeous for anywhere in your home.  It also makes a great hair accessory.   

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