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Pear Tree

Pear Tree


Temperature:  55-100 degrees Fahrenheit


The Pear Tree is an excellent way to provide fruit and add beauty to your yard.  These gorgeous trees can live more than 60 years and are fairly easy to grow. 


Pear Trees do best on elevated ground or on some type of a slope.  Like most fruit trees find a place in your yard that your Pear Tree will receive full sun.  Also make sure it is a place where the soil will drain well.  Water your Pear Tree about one inch per week, do not let the soil dry out completely.  Once your Pear Tree starts growing I would recommend using a fruit tree fertilizer once every other month.  This will give your new tree a little boost before the harvest season.


The pruning rule when it comes to the Pear Tree is…Less is More.  Prune any broken branches any time of the year.  And right before winter the best way to prune your Free Plant would be to cut only the inside branches of your Pear Tree.  This works well because the inside of the tree does not see much sunlight and therefore does not produce much fruit. 


Pear Trees are early bloomers.  So when your Pear Tree is ready for some picking here are some helpful tips.  Harvest the pears before they are ripe, this way the birds and insects will not get to them before you do.  Store your pears in a cool place, like your refrigerator, until they are ripe.  Pears are an excellent source of nutrition; they are very high in vitamin A, C and a great source of potassium. 


If you did not get to enjoy your pears before they are overripe make them into a smoothie.  It is a delicious and healthy snack. 


Enjoy your Free Plant.

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