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Peacock Jasmine

Peacock Jasmine


The clusters of tropical flowers of the Peacock Jasmine are the flowers that are used in the traditional Hawaiian Lies.


If you find the perfect home for your Peacock Jasmine it will bloom all year round.  The smell of sweet scented Hawaiian flowers will fill any room. 


The Peacock Jasmine plant is a very easy to grow, it will tolerate both full sun and partial shade, although it will produce more blooms if place in indirect light.  Sudden change from one environment to the next can be stressful for the plant.


Allow soil to dry out and then water deeply and let water run thorough the bottom of the pot.  Do not allow the bottom of the pot to sit in water.  You can fertilize your plant with a liquid fertilizer two to three times a year. 


The Peacock Jasmine will freeze so it is better to place this plant indoors.

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