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Pachira/Money Tree

Pachira Braid


Other Common Names:  Money Tree, Good Luck Plants and Fortune Tree


Temp:  Do not let temp getting colder than 30 degrees Fahrenheit


The story behind the Money Tree is that the leaves bring money in the household where the tree is kept and cared for.  The braided trunk acts as a cage to trap the money as the leaves fall off.  The pulp of this tree was also once used to make paper currency.


The leaves resemble the shape of a human hand with the five fingers/leaves.  The trunk of the Money Tree is manually braided together.


Your Money Tree does best in sunlight and a little shade is okay too.  Water weekly during the winter and every other day in the spring and summer.  It’s best not to let the soil get totally dry.  If the leaves start turning yellow or brown just take them off as new ones will grow back in just a couple of days.


The Money Tree is supposed to bring fortune, good luck and prosperity to its new owners.  It is a very popular wedding present and also a favorite gift for a business opening.

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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