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Orange Tree

Orange Tree


Temperature: 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit


The Orange Tree in known for the sweet taste of the fruit that it produces.  This is a great addition to your backyard.  The Orange Tree grows between 22-30 feet tall and provides excellent shade.  The Orange Tree will also provide a bright color to your yard and a sweet fragrance when your walk by.  Just picture a nice warm summer day relaxing in your own backyard eating a delicious orange from your own Orange Tree that you planted. 


Once you receive your free plant find a nice sunny area to plant your Orange Tree.  Make sure you pick a spot that the tree will have plenty of room to grow; I suggest six to twelve feet away from any other plants.  When your Orange Tree is first planted it loves to be watered.  Don’t ever let the soil dry out completely.  The best way to water this tree is to leave your hose running and let the water deeply sink into the soil.  Orange Trees are sensitive to the cold and will freeze so make sure you keep an eye on them in the winter months. 


Once your Orange Tree begins to grow the slender branches will produce dark green leave everywhere.  And in the spring and summer it will bloom white flowers that smell sweet and divine.   This means your Orange Tree is getting ready to produce oranges.  Your oranges should be completely orange in color if they are still green do not pick them they will not taste very good. 


The Orange Tree does like to be fertilized in the spring so go to your local gardening center and ask for a citrus plant fertilizer and they can help you out.  Don’t be afraid to prune your Orange Tree, here is a little tip, trim the top of your tree, not the bottom you will not be able to reach any oranges.


Not only do Oranges taste delicious they have great health benefits. Oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be eaten right off the tree or you can make orange juice.  What a great way to save money…orange juice is expensive at the grocery store.



Plan your next picnic under your own Orange Tree the atmosphere will be lovely.  Enjoy your Free Plant!

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