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Temperature:  40-90 degrees Fahrenheit


Oleander is an evergreen shrub that can become a small tree.  It can grow to be fifteen feet tall.  Oleanders bloom from summer to fall, with fragrant flowers that come in shades of apricot, pink, red, purple, yellow and white.  It produces wonderful flowers and besides pruning the Oleander has no other maintenance.


Plant your Oleander in full sun.  Good steady watering and fertilization will speed up its growth, you might want to check into that since full growth can take up to twenty years.  Your free plant is drought tolerant and can survive for weeks without any watering.  Space plants six to twelve feet apart when planting them.  Do be careful when finding a spot to plant the Oleander, its roots are very strong and grow like crazy, some people experience problems with the roots growing under cement and breaking it up.  Please also keep in mind that the oleander is one of the most poisonous plants in the world.  It contains many toxic elements that may be deadly to some people and animals.  I would definitely do some research before planting the Oleander somewhere inaccessible.


It is totally up to you when pruning the Oleander.  First you need to decide if you would like to grow it as a shrub or a tree.  The trees need no pruning at all.  You can prune the Oleander into a shrub that separates your house from the neighbors, or use it as a cover on an unsightly fence or wall or use it as a hedge anywhere.  Pruning can be fun, who knows what you will create.  Oleanders are tough, durable plants and will forgive you if the pruning doesn’t go so well, it will give you a second chance next season.  The best time to prune your Oleander is September through early October.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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