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Oak Tree

Oak Tree


Temperature:  30-80 degrees Fahrenheit


When I think of Oak trees I think of acorns and chipmunks.  Did you know that it normally takes between twenty to fifty years for an Oak Tree to produce their first acorn?  By the time the tree is seventy years old the tree will not stop producing thoundsands and thousands of acorns. 


Besides acorns, the Oak tree has many different purposes.  Since the Middle Ages the wood from this tree has been used for interior paneling of prestigious buildings and the making of fine furniture.  In Europe they would use the Oak wood to make ships for the naval men that was used during war.  Today Oak wood is most commonly used to make furniture and flooring.  Let’s not forget my favorite use of the Oak wood…Barrels that holds wines, sherry, brandy and scotch.  If you have ever been lucky enough to visit a winery you know what I am talking about…you are surrounded by these oak wood barrels that store the wine, it is unbelievable how many barrels there are.


When planting your Oak Tree the soil must drain quickly.  This is very important because if the water sits on top of the surface your tree will get fungus, and no one like fungus.  The Oak tree needs a lot of water, water deeply about one to two feet every week.  A mature oak tree can draw up to fifty or more gallons of water per day.  The Oak tree takes up water through the root system.  If the leaves are turning yellow your free plant is not receiving enough water.  Little fertilizer is required, you can fertilize once a year if you would like.  The best nutrients for your Oak tree are water, carbon dioxide from the air, and energy from the sun. 


The Oak tree is known to be the “Tree of doors and a gateway between worlds.”


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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