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Mulberry Tree

Temperature:  20 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit

I would like to plant a Mulberry Tree just so I can run around singing “Here we go round the Mulberry bush,”  that would not be the only upside in planting a Mulberry Tree, it is also a very hardy tree that can handle sub zero temperatures and are very wind resistant.  

Your free plant will require very little care.  Plant somewhere in full sun and water thoroughly every week; if the fruit is drooping before ripe your tree is not being watered enough.  Mulberry Trees are very fast growing and produce a lot of shade very quickly and are a long living plant.  Mulberry Trees do not require a lot of pruning, cut them back to the shape you desire or let them grow wild, it’s up to you, just remember to cut from the top so you can still reach the fruit.  It is always a good idea to fertilize your tree right before spring time to give it a nice boost.

To get the fruit off of your tree you can either pick them off one by one or you can lay something on the floor and gently shake the branches and they will fall off.  The fruit on Mulberry Trees look similar to a blackberry or raspberry.  They are very sweet tasting and are used to bake pies and tarts.  It is also used in some wines.  My favorite is to make homemade jelly or jam.  I take that back… my favorite is for someone else to make it and I can eat it.  

The leaves on the Mulberry Tree are used to feed silkworms.  Half of China was covered with these trees for the silk industry.

Be carefully The Mulberry Tree can make a mess.  The fruit does fall off and will stain the walkway.  You do not want people tracking in the juice from the berries onto your carpet…that would not be good.

Enjoy your free plant and send me some homemade jelly!

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