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Massangeana Cane 

Massangeana Cane 


Other Common Names: Corn Plant and Mass Cane


Temperature:  55-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Most of the time I like you tell you why the common names are what they are, not in this case.  I have no idea why the Messangeana Cane is called a corn plant.  I tried to research it and can not find anything, so if you know please tell me.


Messangeana Canes are perfect for the bare corners in your home.  It prefers good light but will tolerate low light.  Keep your free plant on the dry side especially in the winter months.  Water with distilled water, fluoride, salts and chlorine that can be found in tap water can damage the plants leaves and roots.  In hot weather, your plant will enjoy a daily misting…wouldn’t we all!  You will be able to tell if your Messangeana canes are not happy, just watch for these signs…brown edges on the leaves means you are over watering, scorched spots means it is receding too much sun, droopy leaves means it needs more water and grayish brown spots…oh no your plant has a fungus caused by too much moisture.


You may fertilize your Massangeana Cane once a month, only in warm weather, I recommend a commercial plant food, but always check with your local gardening center they will help you out more than I can.  Also you will have to wipe off the leaves with a warm wet soft cloth.


The Messangeana Cane is a striking houseplant from its green and yellow striped leaves to its broad trunk.  You will definitely enjoy your Free Plant! 

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