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Maple Tree

Maple Tree


Temperature:  40-100 degrees Fahrenheit


Here is a sticky fact…you only have to add sugar to the sap that comes from the Maple Tree to make your own Maple syrup.  So when you are enjoying your homemade waffles on Sunday morning why don’t you make your own maple syrup to make them over the top?  Maple Syrup is not the only thing made from the Maple Tree.  Maple Trees are very popular when it comes to making furniture and also some of the high quality charcoal is made from the bark off of the Maple Tree.


The Maple Tree is known to be the most attractive choice when it comes to landscaping trees.  And it is fairly easy to take care of.  The Maple Tree does require moist, rich soil.  I suggest taking a sample of your soil to your local gardening store and ask them what type of fertilizer will work best for your Maple Tree in your environment.  Your free plant needs full sun, partial shade will be okay.  Keep the soil moist and do not let it dry out between waterings.  A stake maybe a good idea for newly planted Maple Trees, especially in windy areas.


When pruning your Maple Tree be aware that the branches do bleed sap when the branches are cut.  Remove all dead and dying branches.  The best time to prune your tree is when the leaves are fully matured.  When cutting off the larger branches make sure you do not leave a stump it could invite rot and disease.


The beautiful leaves of your Maple Tree will be a main attraction.  People travel from other countries to see this amazing tree during the fall.  The leaves are green, yellow, orange and red. 


Enjoy your free plant and good luck with the tourist!

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