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Lucky Bamboo Straight

Bamboo Straight 


Temperature:  40-80 degrees Fahrenheit


If you follow Feng Shui, the Bamboo plant creates positive energy and balance to any room.  Bamboo has become a very popular plant.  Not only is Bamboo one of the easiest plants to care for…Bamboo is a plant of meaning, making it the perfect plant to give away or to keep for yourself.


The majority of Bamboo plants I see are kept in a container on the office desk or in a bedroom.  Bamboo plants prefer plenty of indirect sunlight and like to be kept wet; it rarely requires feeding or any other maintenance.  Unlike most plants, Bamboo requires minimal sunshine to survive. 


There are so many different ways to enjoy your free plant.  Not only is your Bamboo great as an indoor plant, it can be planted outside as well.  Some verities of Bamboo can grow up to twenty feet tall in just one season.  You will have to figure out a way to contain this plant, unless you have a panda bear to help you, Bamboo can become very invasive, since Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth!  Did you know that Bamboo is incredibly strong?  Some types of Bamboo can be stronger than steel or concrete.


Bamboo has so many different meanings that it makes it a fun gift.  For example depending on the number of stalks the bamboo produces, each has a different meaning…

If the Bamboo has three stalks it wishes you happiness, five stalks is for wealth, and six stalks for health.  I skipped four on purpose, the word four in Chinese sounds too similar to the Chinese word for death…so I would suggest removing the fourth stalk if you are giving it as a gift.  So if you are looking for that perfect plant to wish that hard to buy for loved one, why not give the gift of health, happiness and prosperity….give a Bamboo plant.



Enjoy your Free Plant!

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