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Lily of the Nile



Other Common Names:  Lily of the Nile, African Lily


Temperature:  40-100 degrees Fahrenheit


I think Agapanthus flower is a very showy plant.  Lily of the Nile is a great container plant.  They will defiantly look great as a welcome plant on your patio. Lily of the Niles has long skinny green stems that are two to four feet tall and then at the top is a cluster of beautiful flowers that measure six to eight inches across. They look like a long magic wand.  They bring back many memories, my daughter and all her friends would cut them off and play princess with them.  Lily of the Nile flowers are incredible and they last a long time.  They bloom in the summer and are blue, pink and white in color.


Plant your Lily of the Nile in a sunny location.  Your free plant will be best when planted in well drained soil.  Keep the soil wet; do not let the soil completely dry out.  During the growing stage it is beneficial to fertilize the plant twice a month.  Every spring prune the plant by removing any dead foliage and stems.  Beware snails love these plants.


Some considered the Lily of the Nile to be a plant of fertility and pregnancy.  And in some cultures they make a necklace using the roots that they wear as a charm to make health, strong babies.  And some people even believe that the Lily of the Nile will induce labor, I get stressed just thinking about pregnancy and labor…so if you are like me and just wanting them for a great addition to your yard that is a great plan too. 


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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