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Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree


Temperature:  30-100 degrees Fahrenheit


Remember being a little kid and having lemonade stands in front of your house and all the neighbors stopping to buy a glass of lemonade and thinking you’re rich from the five dollars you made that day?  That is one of my favorite childhood memories and now it is my turn to pass on the experience to my little one.


Lemon Trees are the most popular citrus tree grown in home gardens.  It is very easy to grow and a great way to add a splash of color to your yard.  The Lemon Tree originated in China and made their way to California and Arizona by Catholic Missionaries. 


When you get your free plant it will not bear much fruit until the plant is three to five years old.  Do not get discouraged most people see lemons after nine months but will not produce enough inventory to keep your lemonade stand in business. 


Lemon Trees are very cold sensitive and will freeze, so keep an eye on your plant during the winter months.  During the spring and summer water the soil thoroughly and do not let the soil dry out.  Lemon Trees do like to be fertilized in the spring so go to your local gardening center and ask for a citrus plant fertilizer and they can help you out.  Your Lemon Tree can grow up to 30 feet so make sure you plant it somewhere in the sun where it has enough room to grow.  Before your plant is ready to produce it will bloom little white flowers with a purple understand.  Once you see flowers the lemons are on the way soon so get your stand ready.


Lemons are the best source of vitamin C. It is known for the relief it produces from a sore throat that is why most cough syrups and cold medicines have some amount of lemon in them.  Lemons are used in many recipes so cross them off your grocery list and take a trip to your backyard.


Once your Lemon Tree is ready to make you rich off your lemonade stand here is a few tips…Make sure your lemons are completely yellow and full then you can pick them off the tree.  Soak your lemons in hot water for fifteen minutes before squeezing them you will get twice the amount of juice.  The standard lemonade recipe is one cup sugar, one cup lemon juice to every 4 cups of water. 


Enjoy your Free Plant and your lemonade stand!

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