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Kalanchoe Red Oak

Temperature:  60-90 degrees Fahrenheit

The Kalanchoe plant is part of the succulent family and come in many different varieties, such and the Red Oak.  The Red Oak Kalanchoes has a powdery white film on its leaves which protects the leaf from sun damage and also helps the Kalanchoe to conserve its moisture.   And yes you guessed it with bright red delicate flowers.

-Kalanchoe plants prefer warm temperatures to grow making your Kalanchoe plant best for indoor use.  The best place for your Kalanchoe would be by a bright window seal.

-Kalanchoes do not need much water since they are succulents, water these plants one a week and allow the soil to dry out in-between waterings.

-Plant your Kalanchoe is well drainage soil and make sure the pot has holes so the plant does not sit in water. 

Your Kalanchoe Red Oak leaf plant is defiantly worth the care!  

Enjoy your Free Plant! 

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