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Japanese Box Wood



Temperature:  20 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit


The happiest place on earth has Boxwood shrubs all over.  Disneyland is probably the biggest customer when it comes to Boxwood sells.  Boxwood shrubs are great because of their light green leaves that are very compact.  They grow to be two to four feet tall.  This makes its easy to do whatever you want with the Boxwood.


There are many different uses for the Boxwood Shrub, you can make them into a topiary and have them displayed in your home or you can use them as hedge around the house.  One of the most popular ways is to plant them in a pot and trim them into any shape you want.  The best way to shape your Boxwood shrub is with a hedge clipper, if you are not good at cutting straight lines good luck making the plant into an elephant.  You can always buy a wire cage to place around the pot this will force the plant into growing like that certain shape then just cut around the wire. 


Boxwoods do best in a partial shade environment.  When planting in the ground make sure you dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball but don’t dig it any deeper than the root.  Fertilize your Boxwood about twice a year; ask your local garden center what fertilizer will work best for you.  Your free plant will like a lot of water, so keep the soil moist but not soggy.  One common problem that comes along with the Boxwood shrub is “winter bronzing” this happens during the winter if the plant is exposed to the wind and sun at the same time.  If the foliage on your Boxwood turns a reddish brown color or sometimes even yellow color than it needs to be moved to a place where it is sheltered from the wind.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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