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Temperature:  50-80 degrees Fahrenheit

I think most people call this plant a “Jade Plant” This plant has a very distinctive look.  Their leaves are a think, glossy dark green color, which is were it got its name “Jade” from. 

In my opinion this is one of the most durable plants you can find.  They can be used for shrubs, hedges a patio or house plant.  They are very easy to take care of.  Jade plants like full sun or semi shade would be okay too.  Like other plants let the soil dry out in between waterings and plant somewhere with good drainage.  When watering Jade the best piece of advice I can give is… underwater is way less dangerous than over watering this plant.  Did you know this plant stores water in its leaves and stems as well as its roots? 
Be careful this plant will freeze the ideal temperature is 50-80 degrees. 

Another cool fact about this plant is it can reproduce very easily from just one left or a stem cutting.  So if you are in a cash crunch buy just one Jade plant and start planting, hopefully before the next holiday you will have a couple of gifts.  If you follow the Chinese calendar your gift will be a hit as the Jade plant is the official plant of the Chinese New Year.

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