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Italian Cypress

Temperature:  35-80 degrees Fahrenheit

The Italian Cypress is the most elegant plant of all.  From Caesars Palace to Disneyland to your local mortuary you will find an Italian Cypress.  The Italian Cypress can grow to be anywhere from twenty to ninety feet tall, on an average growing three feet per year.

Your Free Plant can tolerate many different climates, even some cold temperatures.
The Italian Cypress prefers a sunny location but will tolerate some shade.  Like most plants make sure the soil is able to drain. Apply a fertilizer every three months to maintain its beauty.  The Italian Cypress grows in an elegant, narrow, columnar fashion, reaching straight up to the sky without growing very wide.  Pruning is easy when they get to tall just chop off the top.

The Italian Cypress was brought to Italy by the Romans from conquered provinces in the Eastern Mediterranean two thousand years ago.  In Italy the driveways are lined with Italian Cypress trees that lead from the property entrance to the Italian villas. I can not think of Tuscany without picturing magnificent Cypress trees everywhere. 

Another common place to see the Italian Cypress is at a cemeteries and memorial gardens. The fragrant wood of the Italian Cypress tree is so rich in essential oils that it takes many years for the wood to decompose making it ideal for the use of coffins.  Not everyone’s favorite place to see an Italian Cypress  

My favorite is to plant them in large fancy pots, put one on each side of the door way, add some white twinkle lights and it make your house look like a palace.  Italian Cypress makes an elegant property divider as well.  You can place these trees anywhere inside your home, to the backyard by your swimming pool and they will make a grand statement.

We all can not live in castles and palaces, but we all can have an Italian Cypress

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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