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Hydrangea #65


Temperature:  30-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Hydrangea flowers are known for their vibrant colors of white, pink and blue.  Yes blue flowers, I think the blue flowers are what make this plant so popular.  I mean, how many plants do you know of that blooms with blue flowers?  Research has proven that you can choose what color your flowers will be; here is how…The flower color is determined by the pH level in the soil.  The pH level affects the availability of aluminum released into the soil.  If you would like blue flowers on your Hydrangea plant it in an acid soil and keep the pH between 5 and 5.5  If you would like pink or white flowers choose an alkaline soil and keep the pH level at 6 or more.  Or if you have no idea what I am talking about, because I’m not really sure myself, you can plant your Hydrangea in dirt and be surprised when your Hydrangea blooms.


Hydrangeas are very easy to care for and make a good plant for any inexperienced gardener.  Choose a location where your Hydrangea has room to grow it full size, they range from four to twelve feet in height.  Next make sure your free plant will not receive direct sunlight, morning sun and afternoon shade is perfect for the Hydrangeas, if being kept in full sun the Hydrangea will burn.  They can tolerate a lot of cold, but will freeze in freezing temperatures.  If your Hydrangea is not blooming to its full potential more than likely it is not receiving enough light.


Hydrangeas love water so water your plant thoroughly ever week, keeping an eye on the soil during the hot months, it may require more water.  Hydrangeas are fast growing plants.  Not only of the flowers of the Hydrangea are amazing, the big dark green leaves are beautiful as well.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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