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Hoya Heart



Other Common Names:  Wax plant, wax vine, wax flower, shooting star


Temperature:  40-90 degrees Fahrenheit


Are you looking for a plant that will not take up all of your time?  The Hoya Plant is one that is very unique and very easy to care of, and the best part of all…it loves to be ignored.


As you probably guessed by the some of its common names, the Hoya plant has flowers that look exactly like a waxy star.  The flowers vary in shades of whites, pinks, yellows, greens, purples, reds and brown.  Some of the flowers are so dark they look black.  My favorite Hoya plant that is called strawberries and cream…the flower is pure white with a pink center.  The flowers of the Hoya are fragrant and are so different looking that your guest will for sure ask about them. 


The Hoya plant is one of the easiest plants to grow.  The best place to grow them is in a hanging basket either inside or out.  Your free plant prefers bright indirect sunlight and is a member of the succulent family so they do need a lot of water.  You do not have to water often, just water thoroughly and let the soil dry out before watering again.  If you notice your Hoya plant is yellowing this means that your are giving your plant too much water, stop any further waterings until the yellow goes away then cut back on the water supply.  And if the leaves are starting to shrivel up then the Hoya is not receiving enough water.   


Other than watering the Hoya it takes care of itself, pruning is not really necessary unless you need to remove any dead or discolored flowers.  Your Hoya’s uniqueness and beauty will not only attract your company but will also attract birds, butterflies and bees.  So keep that in mind when planting outdoors.


Enjoy your Free Plant!    

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