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Holly plant is one of the few plant species that can be grown in all 50 states.


Holly is a plant the can been seen everywhere during the holiday season.  It has been popular since the beginning of American history; in fact it was George Washington’s favorite.


Common names for this shrub include inkberry, winter berry and yaupon.  Their dark green, glossy and prickly foliage is very attractive.  In December brightly colored red berries cover the plant.  In May or June and plant will bloom with little white flowers.


Plant your Holly in early spring in full sun to light shade, it can take the cold but the roots will freeze in temperatures under 20 degrees.  This plant likes moist, well drained soil.  Holly is an easy to care for plant.  Water during the summer months, this plant does not like to be over watered.  Occasionally the Holly will drop old leaves due to transplant shock, but do not worry new foliage will soon appear.  Holly does not require a lot of pruning but if you decide to prune do it in the spring to optimize berry production.   A couple of things to think about when planting your holly, the foliage are sharp and prickly and the red berries do attract birds. 


There are many different reasons why the Holly plant is popular during the holiday season.  Of course for the bright red berries that Holly plants are known for but also for Christmas spirit.  The Holly symbolizes celebration for the birth of Christ.  They say that the berries bring men good luck and protection.  People would hang Holly over doors, windows and hallways to keep witches, evil spirits and lighting away.  


Holly plants are great for gifts this holiday season! 

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