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Hibiscus Lipstick

Hibiscus Lipstick 


Temperature:  60-90 degrees Fahrenheit


Hibiscus flowers are GEORGOUS!  They are so beautiful, that they are the state flower for the beautiful state of Hawaii; the meaning of the flower is royalty.  When the Hibiscus is given to tourist visiting Hawaii the flower brings great power and respect.  The Hibiscus comes in many different shades of red, pink, orange and yellow.  This is the ultimate tropical flower.  By placing the Hibiscus in your home you will transform it to a tropical paradise.  They bloom through out the year, giving you many flowers to make into a centerpiece, to make as a flower arrangement for your moms birthday or to pin in your hair.  The meaning of the Hibiscus flower and that is delicate beauty.


Hibiscuses are a lot like humans.  They like the same types of conditions we like… a warm place in the tropics where the temperature ranges from sixty to eighty degrees.  This plant will freeze so if it gets cold where you live bring the plant indoor for the winter.  The Hibiscus also requires a lot of nutrients in order to bloom, use a high potassium fertilizer once a month.  One more thing we have in common is the need for a lot of water, so water them heavily in well drained soil.


If growing your Hibiscus inside place your free plant in a bright window, do not be worried if your Hibiscus leaves turn yellow, this is very common when growing them inside, it will not harm your plant, as long as the leaves are not falling off your Hibiscus is in great health.


Overall growing the Hibiscus is easy and a great way to add a tropical feel to your garden or home.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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