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Guzmania Bromeliad

Guzmania Bromeliad


Temperature: 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Bromeliads are excellent indoor house plants.  They are so plastic looking that people will have a hard time telling if they are fake or real.  Bromeliads come in all colors of the rainbow plus more. 


Your Free Plant likes indirect light, and can not tolerate exposure to direct light so be extra careful when placing it near a window.   Bromeliads will grow in less than the perfect conditions, but will shine with amazing color when placed in the right light.  When watering your Bromeliad pour the water down the stem of the plant creating a little waterfall into the soil.  Be careful not to get the water on the flower.  I do not recommend fertilizing your Bromeliad, they are not heavy feeders.  If you do think they need to be fertilized make sure you use a liquid fertilizer and use very little at a time.  Your free plant will be very top heavy and will tip over in a small plastic pot so make sure they are kept in something sturdy.


The Bromeliad is a “monocarpic” plant…don’t worry I had to look up the meaning too.  This means the plant will die after it flowers.  So you will not have this plant forever…but the good news is Bromeliads produce pups.  After the mother plant blooms and dies it produces baby pups that are ready to be planted.  The mother plant can produce one to three pups.  Each pup will sprout roots and bloom into another gorgeous flower.


Bromeliads are in the same family of pineapples and the Incas, Aztecs and Maya Indians used Bromeliads for food and protection.  These plants come directly from Florida and are on the list of endangered plants.  So this is a great way to give back to the environment by planting the pups it produces and passing on the Bromeliads to friends and family members.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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