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Guava Tree

Temperature:  40-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Guavas are the prettiest of all fruits, with a bright green outside and a hot pink inside who wouldn’t love this fruit.  Guavas are evergreens that are shallow rooted shrubs or small trees.  An even though you might  not have an ocean in your backyard you can always pick off a Guava, close your eyes and pretend you are somewhere tropical…it is way better than being inside and doing a load of laundry.

Guavas prefer an area where they will receive full sun.  Guavas can be adapted to a wide variety of soil as along has it is able to drain well.  Your free plant loves to be feed and will benefit from regular applications of fertilizer, ask your local garden center which fertilizer will work best for your area.  Water your Guava frequently, they are very fast growers and when first planted love the water.  Don’t worry if you feel you do not have the perfect location or forget to water, Guavas can be very forgiving and take considerable neglect, withstanding some drought, water logging and very high temperatures.  They can even recover from a brief exposure to a light frost. 

These plants are not only a beautiful addition to your yard but you will also benefit from the fruit it produces.  Guavas are so rich in vitamins A and C that one guava fruit contains over four times the amount a vitamin C as a single orange.  The Guava also has high levels of minerals, potassium and magnesium and is fairy low in calories.  When researching the benefits of the Guava fruit on the internet this plant has been used forever to treat all different kinds of medical issues.

If you are lucky, some Guavas produce fruit all year round but the best bloom occurs with the first warmth of spring.  The exact blooming can vary from year to year depending on the weather.  You will know when to pick your fruit when the Guavas are perfectly round and soft to the touch.  The picked fruit should be kept in a cool place away from the sun.  Eating Guavas right off the tree is delicious, but there are also so many other ways to enjoy this fruit…from different beverages, ice creams to jam and baked goods, they are all delicious.

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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