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Ficus Burgandy

Ficus Burgundy 


Other Common Names:  Rubby Plant


Temperature:  50-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Have you every wanted to be a magician?  If so I have a great magic trick for you.   

Ficus Burgundy plants have large rubber like leaves and its up to you what color you want them to be….Place your free plant in low light the leaves will turn all green.

Place your free plant in strong direct light the leaves will become a dark reddish-burgundy color.  This is definitely a magic trick to show the whole family!


All kidding aside…Ficus Burgundies make wonderful houseplants.  They look great in the corner of a house or office space.  These plants are so sensitive to light, that if you do keep them in a corner, remember to rotate them weekly.  If the backside of the plant is on the wall it is probably not getting enough light.  Other than that the Ficus Burgundy is a very low maintenance and an easy to grow plant.  Ficus Burgundies can grow to be fifteen to twenty feet tall.  Water your plant regularly and do not let the soil dry out completely.  Fertilize your Ficus Burgundy every other month for that extra glow; ask your local gardening center which fertilizer will be best for you.  If you need to repot your Ficus Burgundy plant find a pot that is two inches larger than the current pot size.  Until it gets used to its new home water almost everyday, it will give the dense root system room to grow.


You can plant your Ficus Burgundy outside if you are lucky enough to live somewhere tropical.  It is a tropical plant and can not tolerate the really cold temperature or the really hot temperatures.  It will love the humidity, but make sure to plant it in soil that will drain well and don’t forget to fertilize every other month.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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