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Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamina


Other Common Names:  Weeping Fig and Indian Rubber Plant


Temperature:  65-90 degrees Fahrenheit


The Weeping Fig is the most common found inside tree.  This plant is the fastest growing interior tree, so if you want a tree that doesn’t take forever and a day to grow, go buy a Weeping Fig.  These trees can be just a few feet tall or can grow up to be 100 feet tall.  They adapt to the height of its environment, so it’s perfect for any room in your home.


The leaves on the Weeping Fig are a glossy green color with shiny, drooping leaves with tapering tips.  The branches weep toward the ground forming a canopy look.


The Weeping Fig is the significant other that we all look for.  It tells us when something is wrong and gives us the chance to fix it.  It is very forgiving and very adaptable.  For example…if the leaves turn yellow you have given it too much water, so cut back for a couple of days.  If the leaves start wilting, it’s too dry and has waited too long between waterings.  And if the leaves get brown patches, it has sunburn so move it out of the direct sunlight.  I wish all people came with instructions like this!  You can also change the look of them, prune away, this plant will grow back in no time.


One last plus… this tree is a helpful filter of indoor air pollution, so it’s a breath of fresh air waking up to it in the morning.

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