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Temperature:  50-75 degrees Fahrenheit


Ferns are one of the most versatile plants I know.  Ferns are great plants for indoor decoration in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.  They also look great as a hanging plant on your patio or a great addition to your outdoor garden.  There are a wide verity of Ferns, up to 12,000 different species all that are different shapes, heights and colors.  They can grow to be a little houseplant on your end table or grow to be sixty feet tall.  Ferns are very easy to grow.  They are a little on the slow growing side but your hair will not go grey waiting for them to grow. 


They leaves on your Ferns are called fronds.  Scientist believe that Ferns are one of the oldest plants, dating back 350 million years ago.  Sex Ed 101- Did you know must ferns reproduce sexually?  There are two different sperm cells, one located on the top of the frond and the female egg cell located on the bottom of the frond.  When the frond releases the sperm cell it must land into some type of water and find the female egg cell and then here comes a brand new baby Fern…who would have guessed! 


Ferns require indirect light and do best in open, shaded areas.  Many types of Ferns are native to the tropics, so they do well in high humidity, making the bathroom are great place to keep your free plant.


Make sure the soil it moist at all times.  You will know if you are over watering if the Fronds of your Fern turn yellow and start to wilt.  Like many other plants make sure the soil drains well.  Ferns require only lights feedings of a fertilizer that has a high amount of organic materials such as peat.  I would suggest fertilizing your Fern once a month from April through September only.


Enjoy your Free Plant! 

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