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Sticks of Fire - Euphorbia

Temperature:  40-85 degrees Fahrenheit

The Euphorbia Plant is a cactus like plant that has three to four angled branches that have black spines all over them.  Euphorbia produces a milky looking sap that is very poisonous that is why some people call it the Poison Beauty.  At the end of the braches the Euphorbia plant will produce small flowers that come in a verity of colors such as ruby, yellow, orange and violet. 

The Euphorbia likes warm temperatures and can be planted in full sun to partial shade.  Water heavy until the soil is completely moist but let the soil completely dry out in-between waterings and during the winter only water about once a month. You rarely will see rotting on in these plants, even if the Euphorbia is heavily over watered, but its best to allow the soil to dry out completely.

The Euphorbia is very popular in Thailand, it is known as the dragon bone plant.  They say its leaves resemble the spine of dragons.  Euphorbias can take on many different looks such as cactus, trees or even a poinsettia.

There are many different verities of the Euphorbia, but one that is very popular is the crown of thorns.  This is a woody, spiny climbing Euphorbia that is a shrub that has shoots reaching the height of six feet.  The flowers will appear all year long, with the most blooms in the winter.  The flowers are small but bright and attractive.  It was the stems of the Crown of Thorns that was worn by Christ at the time of his crucifixion.

Euphorbias are among one of the largest plant families in the world with over seven thousand species.  This is a great type of plant for any one living anywhere.

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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