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Eucalyptus Tree

Temperature:  30-90 degrees Fahrenheit

Eucalyptus trees are among the tallest trees in the world, they can grow up to two hundred feet tall.  They grow very quickly…about six feet per year.  There interesting bark and beautiful flowers will make this tree an attractive addition to your yard.

Eucalyptus trees require full sun.  They will adapt to a wide range of soils, from dry to moist as long as the soil is well draining.  Plant your free plant in mid to late spring.  When first planted make sure you water the tree more frequently until it has matured.  If you do not have room for a two hundred foot tall tree you might have some pruning to do.  Prune your Eucalyptus tree during the summer months, you will need to control the top growth so the branches do not get too heavy and fall off.  Shedding bark, leaves and branches will give you some racking to do in the fall.

If you have pets you might not only plant a Eucalyptus Tree for its beautiful landscape, the Eucalyptus tree will also help with fleas and ticks.  The aroma of your Eucalyptus tree will naturally repel fleas and ticks away from your pet.  Many pet owners will actually place some leaves under the pets sleeping area for extra protection.  And if you don’t have any pets the nectar from the flowers might bring you some.  The pink, red, white or yellow flowers will produce and abundance of nectar providing food for birds, bats and even possums.

The Eucalyptus tree creates oil that is very flammable; these trees have been known to explode, so make sure you do not use this bark in your fireplace!  Let’s not forget one of the more popular uses for the Eucalyptus tree…the Koala!  The Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia where these cute furry creatures eat the leaves and bark off of the tree, if you don’t have your passport and can not see this is person you can always take a trip to the San Diego zoo.

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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